2023 Calendar

Feb 17 - 19    N2Y 23 (NOT TOO YOUNG) CAMP
                            Online app:    https://forms.gle/F4w5DCSCT8reSps38
                             N2Y Camp (formerly known as the Slumber Party) is for boys and girls in the 
                             1st - 5th grade.  This is a camp where boys and girls get to experience a mini
                             version of our summer camps.  At this camp, parents/guardians are welcomed

                           to come as chaperones so they can see what camps are all about.  This is
                           also great for our first-time campers as it is only a weekend.  Children get to
                           experience God on their level of learning in a more  interactive environment.  
                           There is worship, calsses, games, hanging with new and old friends and so 
                           much more!  We can't wait to be with all of God's children!!!!!


                           CAMP THEME


I am so excited about our upcoming Ladies Event!  Grab onto your cherished
                          friends and family and don't miss this event.  This weekend is for the GIRLS!!! 
                          Let's hear it for the GIRLS!!  May the Lord awaken within us a power that is so
                          extraordinary that we can live a life of the exceedingly and abundantly.

                          See you soon!  - Charlotte Adams
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