Thank you for your interest in serving as a staff member for Camp Echeconnee.  Our camps depend upon volunteers like you who generously contribute their time and resources to this ministry.


  • Cabin leaders should be at least 17 years of age for Junior, Freshman & Explorer camps and 20 years of age for Senior camp. 
  • CITs should be 16 years of age and highly recommended by his/her pastor for maturity, dedication, and team work.  Note:  Only a limited number of these positions will be available for Freshmen & Explorers Camp.
  • Kitchen Staff must be at least 17 years of age with preference given to older applicants.  Dining room helpers should be at least 16 years of age and highly recommended by his/her pastor for maturity, dedication, and team work.  Preference will be given to older applicants.
  • All staff members must be a Christian, active in their local church and exemplify a consistent testimony for Christ for at least a year.  Priority should be given to applicants who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • To be eligible to work in camp each staff member must be recommended by their local pastor in the areas of spiritual and emotional maturity, dependability, church attendance and leadership potential.
  • To submit your application online click here.  This process places your application into an Excel worksheet which is then made available to the camp directors.
  • Camp directors begin working on staff recruitment in January, so please get your applications in as soon as possible.

Background Check

For the safety of our campers and staff Camp Echeconnee requires a background check for all volunteers who are 18 years of age or older.  When we receive both your online application and your pastor's recommendation, an email containing a background check link will be sent to you.  Once you submit the completed form, the background check will be completed by the company we've selected, and the results will be sent to the State Office. 

Mandated Reporter Training (One-Time Submission). 

The State Office and Camp Coordinator recommend that all staff members for summer camps and children's retreats complete the Mandated Reporter Training for child abuse or neglect and submit the completion certificate to the Camp Coordinator for documentation.  This training class, developed by the Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS) in partnership with Pro Solutions, is available online and covers (1) how to better recognize the indicators of abuse and neglect, (2) how to understand your role in responsible reporting, and (3) how to identify the groups of children that may be at a higher risk of being abused or neglected.

Completion Options for the Online Mandated Reporter Training

Option 1:  Employer Certification.  Your employer can certify that you have successfully completed a Mandated Reporter Training program.  Click HERE to download the letter of certification and mail the completed form to the address below.

Option 2:  Online Completion of the Mandated Reporter Training.  Click HERE to log in.  Set up a Pro Solutions Training account (no cost).  Click on the course Mandated Reporters: Critical Links in Protecting Children in Georgia.  This will place it in your cart.  Click on the cart to check out (Balance will show $0), and a link will be provided for the course.  Complete the course and mail your certificate to the Camp Coordinator at the address provided.

Option 3:  For those without computer access the course can be taken at the campground the Saturday prior to the start of camp.  It will be up to the indvidual to schedule and fulfill this requirement prior to the arrival of the campers in order to serves as a staff member for the upcoming camp.

Email the completed certificate or letter of certification

Staff Handbook

The purpose of the handbook is to provide consistent training materials for all camps and children's retreats sponsored by the Georgia Churches of God of Prophecy.  Please log in and carefully read the Camp Echeconnee guidelines.  Please remember that all staff members will be expected to follow the guidelines as outlined in the handbook.  (For the password to this section, contact the director of the camp in which you would like work, Ken at, or Ben & Hannah at

Pastoral Recommendation

A pastoral recommendation is required for all applicants who wish to work in our camping ministry.  The applicant should attend that local church and be active in its local ministry.  This year we have asked pastors to counsel with each applicant on how to be an effective altar worker. 

Pastors can submit their recommendation by clicking here.

Selection Process

Once we receive the online application, your pastoral recommendation, and the results of the background check, your onlilne application will be shared with the camp directors.  If an opening is available, the director will contact you concerning a staff position.  Once the director has made contact, please complete the next steps of the application process.

Begin now to pray for our camps that lives can be changed.  Your prayers can make an eternal difference for our campers.

Ken Robinson

Ben & Hannah Oliver