About Us

Adams, Billy W.
State Overserr of Georgia, Chairperson of State Committees
Office Phone: (478) 935-6880
Email: gacogop@aol.com

Adams, Caleb
State Youth Director
Cell Phone: (478) 973-0287
Email: calebcogop@gmail.com

Adams, Charlotte
Admin. Assistant, Camp Business Manager, Women's Ministry & Ladies Retreat Director, GA News Editor, Harvest Partner Director
Office Phone: (478) 935-6880
Email: charlottecogop@aol.com

Blalock, Janet
Freshman & Explorer Camp Director
Cell Phone: 770-862-8634
Email: jrgblalock@gmail.com

Blalock, Steven
Freshman & Explorer Camp Director
Cell Phone: 770-862-8065
Email: stvnblalock@yahoo.com

Burch, Keith
Connect Young Adult Retreat, Generation Unleashed, Junior Camp Director
Home Phone: 912-574-5190
Email: kbcogop@aol.com

Dockery, Randall
Area Presbyter
Home Phone: 912-674-3027
Email: rkdockery@tds.net

Flowers, Diane
State Treasurer, Heritage Ministry Co-Director, Secretary To Overseer, Senior Ministry Co-Director
Office Phone: (478) 935-6880
Email: dianecogop@aol.com

Fields, Clinton
Heritage Ministry Co-Director, Senior Ministries Co-Director
Home Phone: 478-781-8354
Email: creekhouse1@bellsouth.net

Gaddis, Jerry
Area Presbyter
Home Phone: 706-921-4132
Email: Gadd3690@bellsouth.com

Griffin, J. W.
Area Presbyter
Home Phone: 912-437-4097
Email: jgriffin@darientel.net

McEachern, Matthew
Men's Ministry Director, Pastoral Care, Christian Education, Fall Parley Director
Home Phone: 912-383-0657
Email: pastormatthew@windstream.net

Oliver, Ben & Hannah
Senior Camp Directors
Cell Phone: 706-537-0626
Home Phone: 706-313-6462
Email: hannah.oliver30@gmail.com

Phipps, Lloyd
Area Presbyter
Cell Phone: 770-529-3721
Home Phone: 678-481-2823
Email: lgphipps63@gmail.com

Robinson, Ken
Camp Coordinator
Home Phone: 229-402-1385
Email: sonrise31793@yahoo.com

Smith, Diane
2016 Children's Slumber Party Director
Home Phone: 912-674-6465